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Active Devices

Activation & Deactivation

This page tells you how to activate and deactivate your devices on PiCockpit.

What are Active and Inactive Devices?

Active devices are devices that you can access via PiCockpit. Inactive devices remain on the PiCockpit web interface, but are inaccessible.

This becomes particularly important when upgrading to PiCockpit Pro and PiCockpit Pro Plus.

If you have 5 devices registered on the free plan, and then you upgrade to PiCockpit Pro for 3 devices, you need to choose which 3 devices will be included in your PiCockpit Pro plan.

The other devices will remain on your web interface, but they will be grayed out and inaccessible.

Please note that you are able to change which devices are active and inactive at any time.

How to Activate or Deactivate Devices

First you need to navigate to the sidebar and click on "Active Devices".


After you click on "Active Devices", a box will appear with a list of all of your devices.

You can choose to sort them by name or by serial number.

By clicking the checkbox on the right, you can either activate or deactivate them one-by-one.

When finished, you simply click "OK" to save your changes. If you want to discard your changes, you can click "Cancel".