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Uninstalling PiCockpit

This page explains how to uninstall PiCockpit.

Step 1: Delete all Raspberry Pi nodes

Go to the My Pis overview screen, and click on the Actions menu. Click “Delete Pi” for every Pi. Then confirm the deletion. This will also stop and disable the PiCockpit Client on your Raspberry Pi.

Step 2: Delete your API keys

You should also delete your API keys. Go to your profile page and scroll to the bottom. Click on the button that says "Manage API Keys". Then click the button marked “DELETE” next to the entries to delete them.

Step 3: Purge the PiCockpit Client

When deleting the Raspberry Pi from the web interface, the Picockpit Client is automatically stopped and disabled. If you want to remove the Picockpit Client package from your Raspberry Pi, you will have to purge the package. Run, in the terminal of your choice, the following:

sudo apt-get purge picockpit-client

Step 4: Delete your account

The final step is to delete your account from the web interface. Click on your account name in the top right corner to open the user menu.

Enter your password here to confirm ownership of the account, and click on “Delete Account”. This will remove your account data from our system.


This action cannot be undone. Only click on “Delete Account” if you really want to delete your account.

Your feedback is encouraged! Please let us know why you decided to remove PiCockpit, so that we can continue to improve our products and offers.

You can contact us directly at: