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Add a Pico W

How to add a Raspberry Pi Pico W to your fleet

This page will show you how to add a Raspberry Pi Pico W to your PiCockpit fleet.

First, you need to navigate either to the MyPis page (you can do this by clicking on "Manage My Devices" in the sidebar) or simply by clicking "Add Pico W" on the sidebar.


After you click on the button, it might prompt you for reauthentication.

This depends on whether or not you have ever logged in with a password or if you have only logged in with Facebook or Google.

If you need to reauthenticate, type in your password and press "Continue". You will then be led to the configuration prompt.


When configuring your Raspberry Pi installation, you need to decide on the name of the Pico W.

When you click on "Add Pico W", a box will appear that will prompt you to enter a name for your device.

Please note that you'll be able to change this name later on.

The box will also ask you to configure the WiFi access data for your new Pico W. This will be necessary for connecting the Pico W to PiCockpit.

After you enter the WiFi access data, you can click on "Generate UF2 Image". You will have 24 hours to register the Pico W to PiCockpit with that image.


To install the UF2 image onto your Pico W, you can follow our installation instructions here