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User Page

Your user page contains your profile information.


You can change your profile name at any time.


You cannot change your e-mail address.

Your e-mail address appears either as verified or unverified. We strongly recommend verifying your e-mail address.

Two FA

Two-Factor Authentication (or 2FA) refers to having multiple devices attached to your account for maximum security. You can either enable or disable 2FA.

If you enable 2FA, you can use an authenticator application on a smartphone that will give you secret codes when you login or reauthenticate.


We have three plans:

Free Pro Pro Plus
This is a dev plan. It is good for exploring the system.

20 RaspiGPT Requests Daily
5 Devices Max.
30min Streaming Video per day
This plan is good for small and medium businesses who want more functionality and higher limits.

✓50 RaspiGPT Requests Daily
✓> 5 Devices
✓Unlimited Streaming Video
✓Early App Access
For enterprise clients with unique needs, we can work with you to make your project succeed.

IFTTT Scripting
Extended Support
Custom App Development
Full System Integration

If you already have PiCockpit Pro or PiCockpit Pro Plus, you will see a button that says "Manage Subscription and Invoices". This button will allow you to end your subscription and see your invoices.

Change Password

Change password will allow you to change your username password. We recommend changing your password routinely in order to maximize your security.

Manage API Keys

If you click on "Manage API Keys", you will be taken to the page containing all of your previously created API Keys. From there you can delete or edit the names of these keys.

Delete Account

If you click on "Delete Account" it will ask you to confirm your account deletion. By confirming, your account will be irretrievably deleted.